China to Japan: stop misleading the public

“We have noted that recently the Japanese leader keeps making allusive remarks that are directed at other countries,” China said reacting to Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s remarks at Shangri-la, Singapore.

The Japanese PM said that some countries tried to change the status quo by force, and that when conducting maritime activities, all countries should abide by international law and resolve disputes through peaceful means, instead of resorting to coercion.

Abe at Shangri la

However, China said it is Japan who should observe international law. “In fact, the Japanese side should give clear explanations to the international community of its latest moves in the military and security fields and respect international law and the basic norms governing international relations when addressing disputes on territory and maritime rights and interests with its neighbors.”

“We hope the Japanese side can face up to the history, respect the fact, and stop stirring things up to mislead the public. It should take more concrete actions to promote regional peace and stability,” China Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Qin Gang said in a press release.

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