Australia: China’s unilateral action is destabilising the entire China Sea

Australian Defence Minister Senator David Johnston said their government welcomes the US pivot to Asia. Johnston said in Shangri-la Dialogue “the continue presence of the US has underpinned the region’s stability for the past 70 years.”

“That’s why Australia welcomes the US rebalance to the Asia-Pacific region. We see it as an opportunity to foster further close co-operation in the region.”

Australia Defence Minister

Australian minister also said, “The US, Australia and Japan are very concerned that unilateral action is destabilising the region of the South China Sea particularly, and East China Sea.”

Johnston shares same view with his US counterpart Secretary Hagel. “I do [share view with Secretary Hagel] to the extent that it is destabilisation, in a previously very successful region that has been able to deliver enormous amounts of prosperity to countries in the Asia Pacific. This instability is unwarranted and quite damaging to the future economic prospects. So I do share Secretary Hagel’s concerns.”

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