China: US really enjoys being the leader of the world

“It seems that the US really enjoys being the leader of the world. However, in the field of international relations, I wonder if there also exists Paul the Octopus who can predict the future,” China Foreign Ministry said.

The statement of China comes after the statement of US President Obama being a world leader.

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Qin Gang said, “China once led the world for more than one hundred years in history. The rise and fall in history left us with both experience and lessons.”

He then quoted different Chinese literatures recorded in the past 2000 years of Chinese history. “Some rulers can lead their states to unstoppable prosperity because they examine themselves instead of blaming others… if a country does not exercise benevolence and uphold justice, it will lose its advantage to others.”

World G8

“Today, we keep reminding ourselves that we need to embrace the historical trend of peace, development and cooperation, and keep up with the times, because that is the only way to ensure peace, development and enduring prosperity and stability of our country.”

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