Indonesia, Philippines peacefully solved maritime issue

Wordings of what will be called “Agreement between the Republic of the Philippines and the Republic of Indonesia Concerning the Delimitation of the Exclusive Economic Zone Boundary” and the chart showing the EEZ Boundary of both countries was endorsed by Foreign Affairs Undersecretary for Policy Evan P. Garcia, head of the Philippine delegation, and Ms. Wiwiek Setyawati Firman, Acting Director General for Legal Affairs and International Treaties in the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for signing of two governments.

“The conclusion of the negotiations attests to the friendship, patience, goodwill and commitment of the Governments of the Philippines and Indonesia to peacefully address maritime issues. This is a significant contribution to, and an example of, reasonable efforts to build a stable and peaceful regional community, in consideration of the interests of countries concerned and in accordance with international law,” Undersecretary Garcia noted in the 8th Meeting of the Joint Permanent Working Group on Maritime and Ocean Concerns (JPWG-MOC) held on May 18 in Jakarta.

Indonesia, Philippines

The said 20-year-old working group started negotiations since June 1994. According to DFA, “The JPWG-MOC and Technical Team held series of alternating meetings from 1994 to 2014 in the Philippines and Indonesia to come up with a delimitation line for the overlapping EEZs in the Mindanao Sea and Celebes Sea.”

11 thoughts on “Indonesia, Philippines peacefully solved maritime issue

  1. Laurence Hetalia

    That's how supposed to do it!!!

  2. Norman Ocampo

    Congrats to you Indonesia and Philippines, the Philippine government should include Indonesia as our third strategic ally, we have so much to gain from it MILITARILY and ECONOMICALLY.

  3. Joel Miranda

    Chinese govt lang nman ang ayaw makipag usap at ayaw mag inggles kasi o tagalog. 🙂

  4. Marl Darren

    mali ka dyan pre. china ang gusto maki bilateral talk na tinututulan natin kasi nga gagamitin nila ang size nila, ang pwersa ng kanilang sandatahang lakas at impluensa nila para makalamang.

  5. Alexander Themas

    Indonesia and Philippines should strive toward future cooperation. As both of ASEAN archipelago countries, we should promote more coordination, not only trade, but also diplomacy, military, and culture, as a lot of us would appreciate to know more about our northern neighbour than our current exposure now. Aside from sharing a lot of common issues (we are both archipelago, we have volcanic eruptions and typhoons, and we are also striving to eradicate religious extremists, to name a few) Philippines and Indonesian relation is remarkably peaceful, at least in comparison with both of our relation to Malaysia, and this should continue this way.

    Salam from an Indonesian. Mabuhay!

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