New commander of US 7th Fleet affirms commitment to US-SoKor alliance

The new commander of United States Navy Seventh Fleet, Vice Admiral Joseph Aucoin visited the Republic of Korea September 21 to meet with senior Republic of Korea (ROK) Navy officials and affirm commitment to the enduring US-ROK alliance, the US Naval Forces Korea Public Affairs reported. US Seventh Fleet is among the largest forward-deployed US Navy fleet with approximately a hundred ships and submarines, around 200 aircraft and 40,000 navy and marines personnel.

Seventh Fleet’s area of operations covers more than 30 maritime countries which includes the Philippines, Australia and New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, China, India, North Korea and Russia. Seventh Fleet is operating under US Pacific Fleet. It is headquartered at US Fleet Activities Yokosuka, in Yokosuka, Japan.

Vice Admoral Aucoin’s visit in South Korea is his first since assuming command of Seventh Fleet last September 7. He met Republic of Korea Fleet Vice Admiral Um, Hyun-seong to discuss and strengthen the longstanding US-ROK alliance.

“I am here [in South Korea] for one simple reason, and that is to show the U.S. Navy’s absolute resolve and commitment to this alliance and this great nation,” said Aucoin. “The Republic of Korea is a cornerstone to the stability throughout this region, and we will continue to work with our ROK partners to ensure that hard fought stability remains.”

“We must work together,” said Aucoin. “We must have consistent cooperation between our staffs so we can roll up our sleeves when needed and solve any problem we may mutually encounter.”