China to PH: release our fishermen unconditionally

According to Philippine government legal cases will be filed against Chinese fishermen who were caught poaching in West Philippine Sea. Eleven fishermen are currently in custody of Philippine government.

However, according to China’s Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying, “China has indisputable sovereignty over Nansha Islands and the adjacent waters, including the Banyue Reef. Chinese Coast Guard vessels arrived at the scene right after what had happened. The Chinese Foreign Ministry and the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines have lodged solemn representations with the Philippine side, asking for an immediate release of the Chinese boat and its crew.”

China to PH

She added that Philippine should release the Chinese fishermen without further negotiations. “We have noted remarks by the Philippine side over recent days. Actions taken by the Philippine side against Chinese fishermen are illegal and invalid. We urge once again the Philippine side to release unconditionally the Chinese boat and its crew, protect the safety and property of Chinese citizens and refrain from taking similar actions in the future. China will reserve the right to take further actions.”

14 thoughts on “China to PH: release our fishermen unconditionally

  1. J.Q.

    Where are they getting such thick face skin, intervening in other countries law and even letting their so called fishermen to ravage, torture and kills marine animals? Are they not done depleting the world of her resources? Shame on you China wake up! You don't own the world?

  2. Ohmrey

    This is so SAD, how coward China is. Show us some proofs that you own the entire WEST PHILIPPINES SEA!!!

  3. Carlos Legaspe

    tingnan nyo, they are demandng, n the sense that they own, our island,

    and even, f they are thinking, that they can easily get wat they want,

    base on reality, in weapons wer far behind on them, thats why dy are acting like that,

    hintayin pa ba natin

    na it wil b written to the world history, that china envade d the philipines,

    f that wil hapen, ilang taon kaya tayo mag sakop sa kanila? or ano kaya mang yari satin?

    hintayin pa ba natin mangyari yun

  4. ketahburat

    You guys need to understand, the Chinese need to do this so they can legitimize their claim. We do not need to get mad…that is part of playing politics. Lot's of double talk. China will not invade the Philippines, but will take those little islands so they can get what they want. They basically want to copy what the US did in the Caribbean which is total control of the sea. What we need to do is prosecute according to our law, prepare for war by activating the reserves and implement the draft, additional funding thru taxes or bonds exclusively for military hardware acquisition, etc. We need to swallow our pride and let the US use all our bases.

  5. Eduardo delafuente

    Tell that to the marines, respect our marine environmental laws

  6. Sherwin Ruiz

    Empty threats. We are only doing what we're supposed to do, protect our territory and the environment.

  7. Dean Broker

    What!!!!??? Fuck off yah bastards! What do you do if you are in the position of the Philippines? You idiots wanna own most of Asian waters!!!

  8. Master of Unlocking

    China will "reserve the right to take further actions."

    I seem to remember them making threats like that too if we followed through with filing the case, and they didn't do anything. Even China has limits to what they can do.

  9. Dean Broker

    I agree with your platform. Lets show how much we can do to those ingrates.

  10. Orlan Borromeo Oab

    to avoid any misunderstanding . china must tell to their fisherman not to go or avoid inside 2oo miles exclusive economic zone of the phi's while the problem still going on and not been resolve . because our country will imposed the law which we have to abide and by other country's weather they are powerful or not. they must not dictate what we are going to do .we are democratic nation and not part of china.which is communist.a dictator country.

  11. Private_Eye

    Get out from our territory unconditionally! No way to give you back your poachers, they will stay in jail for years but we guarantee you we will not harm them.

  12. Desperadoy Justinian

    The Chinese government is currently the world's power-tripping bully. It sickens me. Guess what? Those were OUR waters. That was OUR marine life you were poaching you cheap melamine-slinging bastards. WE caught them, while in OUR territory, so they will undergo OUR trials, detained by US, and be judged according to OUR justice.

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