Chinese government reacts on reported stand-off between PLA, Indian forces

The Chinese government denies the stand-off between China People’s Liberation Army and Indian forces. This is contrary to reports made by news outlets in India. The Indian Express reported Sunday, “Indian and Chinese forces are currently locked in a confrontation in Burtse area of Depsang plains in Ladakh.”

According to reports, the stand-off was due to Chinese PLA’s construction of surveillance structure very close to the Line of Actual Control (LAC). The Indian force stopped the construction that reportedly resulted to PLA calling for reinforcements.

However, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said on Monday, September 14 “as far as I know, there is no such “face-off” between China and India in the border area. The Chinese border troops have been performing their duties on the Chinese side of the Actual Control Line. The Chinese side is committed to maintaining peace and tranquility of the border area.”

“We hope that the Indian side can clarify relevant issue, work with China, bear in mind the big picture of bilateral ties, and safeguard peace and tranquility of the border area so as to create a favorable environment for the development of bilateral relations,” the Chinese spokesman added.