Taiwan raises salary of household workers after 18 years

The Taiwan Ministry of Labor has approved the increase of more than NTC1,000 in the minimum salary of foreign household service workers (HSWs) in the country, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) said. In a statement, Labor and Employment Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz said that salary increase would benefit Filipino HSWs in the said country as they are now receiving NTD17,000 (equivalent to Php24,270) from the previous NTD15,840 (equivalent to Php22,500).

She noted that the increase happened after 18 years.

“I welcome this piece of good news from our labor representative to Taiwan. I am sure our household service workers in that country will also welcome this good news. They deserve the pay raise after it has remained stagnant for 18 years,” Baldoz said.

But, the DOLE chief explained that the increase of NTD1,160 is less by NTD500 than what the four sending countries have demanded, adding that it is a good start. For her part, Atty. Llewelyn Perez, Labor Representative to Taipei reported that the raise in the salary of HSWs was initiated by four countries namely: the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Taiwan.

“The agreement came about after exhaustive discussion at the 1st Joint Labor Conference Cooperative Meeting convened by Taiwan and the Resident Representatives and Labor Directors of Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand on the issue,” she said in her report to Baldoz.

Perez said that the salary of HSWs in Taiwan has remained unchanged for 18 years largely to inflation and the foreseen burden that an increase will pose to employers. “The salary raise will be effective on September 1. On this date, contracts of foreign household service workers will reflect a minimum salary of NTD17,000,” she added.

During the meeting, the labor sending countries noted the necessity to increase the salary of HSWs, saying that since 1997, inflation has inched up and that the cost of living has gone up by 40 percent. “Fortunately, the Ministry of Labor has seen the need to raise the salary of HSWs for their protection, and so the agreement. We commend the Ministry of Labor and Deputy Minister Hao for agreeing to the pay increase,” Baldoz said.