China sent off 5 ships to evacuate nationals in Vietnam

Eight o’clock in the morning Sunday, China sent off the first out of five ships to Vietnam for the purpose of evacuating Chinese nationals to prevent further loss of lives and injuries.

The ship is espected to arrive at Vietnam after 17 to 18 hours of travel. Rescue vessels and a helicopter were put on hold on near waters to provide emergency support.

This move from China was made after anti-China protests turned into riots in Vietnam hurting hundred of Chinese and killing at least 2 confirmed Chinese nationals.

Sixteen worsed injured Chinese nationals were transported back to China via chartered flight provided by Chinese government early Sunday. Thousands were already evacuated since the start of bloody riots started in some provinces of Vietnam.

6 thoughts on “China sent off 5 ships to evacuate nationals in Vietnam

  1. Jester Enlighten

    Palibasa instik kang lintik ka dapat gawin natin to dito hindi tayo mga inuuto lang ng mga gagong instik!

  2. Rome Delrosario

    China got 1.5bil. people, why you trying to scare Filipinos. We got least to die than China., if they dare.

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