When will US Navy send warship close to fake Chinese islands: US officials answer

The United State State Department said it will not speak regarding the US Navy plan to send warship very near the fake Chinese islands in West Philippine Sea. Several media reports said that the US Navy is planning to send warship within the territorial waters of Chinese occupied fake islands in West Philippine Sea to prove that it is international waters.

“I don’t have anything to speak to in terms of military operations, but we have made very clear our concerns about China’s activity in the South China Sea and we will continue to do so,” State Department spokesperson John Kirby said, October 14, when asked regarding the said US Navy plan.

“How that’s done, where that’s done, when that’s done, that’s all for the Defense Department to speak to,” Kirby said.

In a joint press conference with Australian ministers October 13, US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said “we will fly, sail and operate wherever international law permits. We’ll do that at times and places of our choosing.”

“What we’ve also said is that we want to see the reclamation activity stop, the militarization of some of those reclaimed features stop. None of that’s doing anything to help reduce tensions in the South China Sea,” the State Department spokesman said.