PLA Navy vessel set to arrive at Pearl Harbor

A China People’s Liberation Army-Navy (PLA-N) vessel Zheng He (Type 679, Hull 81) is set to arrive at United States Navy’s Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam on October 12 for a routine port visit. The Chinese vessel will be at the said US joint military base until October 16 while its sailors interact with American counterparts.

“Foreign Navy ships come to Pearl Harbor-Hickam regularly for scheduled port visits. Ships from the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force have visited the base twice in recent months,” US Naval Surface Group Middle Pacific Public Affairs said.

The said Chinese vessel will be hosted by US vessel USS Chosin (CG 65). Chinese and U.S. naval officers will conduct dialogues to build confidence and mutual understanding.

Senior Captain Yan Zhengming, Superintendent of the Dalian Naval Academy; Senior Captain Xu Ping, Deputy Political Commissar of Dalian Naval Academy; and Senior Captain You Dade, Chief of Training Division of Dalian Naval Academy will be met by Captain Eric Weilenman, Chief of Staff, Naval Surface Group Middle Pacific.

“The U.S. Navy is committed to continued engagement to improve mutual understanding, build trust, enhance transparency, and reduce the risk of misperceptions and miscalculations,” US Naval Surface Group Middle Pacific Public Affairs added. “Military-to-military engagement is an important tool to build trust, encourage multilateral cooperation, enhance transparency, and mitigate risk.”