Japan-US steadfast alliance: Partnership ‘unimaginable’ 70 years ago

The Japanese Empire formally surrendered September 2, 1945 marking the end of the Second World War. “The surrender of Japan marks the turning point for us and for the peoples of all the United Nations,” the then President Sergio Osmeña told the Filipino people that day.

This year is the 70th Anniversary the End of World War II.

In a statement, United States President Barack Obama said Japan and US relationship “stands as a model of the power of reconciliation: former adversaries who have become steadfast allies and who work together to advance common interests and universal values in Asia and globally.”

“Seventy years ago this partnership was unimaginable. Today it is a fitting reflection of our shared interests, capabilities, and values, and I am confident that it will continue to deepen in the decades to come,” Obama added.

He noted how prisoners of war suffered and over a hundred thousand US servicemen sacrificed their lives “in the Pacific theater to defend our nation and advance the cause of freedom.”