‘Enough is enough’: US developing sanctions against China

The Obama administration is developing economic sanctions against Chinese companies and single entities who the US government believes benefited from Chinese government’s cybertheft of valuable US trade secrets. “It sends a signal to Beijing that the administration is going to start fighting back on economic espionage, and it sends a signal to the private sector that we’re on your team. It tells China, enough is enough,” an administration official said as quoted by Washington Post.

Sources from the administration said the decision whether to impose sanctions or not will come in two weeks time, says in the report.

In a press conference, US State Department Deputy Spokesperson Mark Toner said the US government remains deeply concerned about Chinese Government-sponsored cyber-enabled theft of confidential business information and proprietary technology from U.S. companies.

“And in addition to cyber theft, we’re also concerned about actions that China’s taking that violate personal privacy, undermine core freedom,” Toner said.

Asked what is preventing the US governement from taking a more forceful action like imposing sanctions, the American spokesman said cyber security is a ‘very fluid environment’. “We’re constantly assessing the danger, assessing the risks, how to better prevent incursions on our cyber security. I don’t want to speak to your specific question other than to say that when we act, we want to make sure that we have compelling evidence to act on.”

Chinese President Xi Jinping is scheduled for an official state visit to US this month.