China, Russia to stage largest naval exercise in Sea of Japan

China and Russia’s armed forces are set to hold largest bilateral naval exercise from August 20 to 28 which will be held in the Sea of Japan approximately 250 miles away from Japan, a report posted at China’s Ministry of National Defense (MND) said. The said naval exercise is the second iteration of China-Russia Joint Sea Exercise 2015. First phase of Joint Sea Exercise 2015 was held May this year in Mediterranean Sea.

According to China’s MND, the two militaries will conduct joint military exercise from August 20 to 28 in the Peter the Great Gulf and the areas off the coast of the Clerk Cape, as well as in the airspace and waters of the Sea of Japan.

PLA Navy is expected to send seven naval ships including destroyers, frigates, landing ships and comprehensive replenish vessels, and 5 aircraft including the early-warning plane and fighter jets. Russia will send surface vessels, submarines and fixed-wing aircraft.

Chinese Defense Spokesperson Yang Yujun said the purpose of the exercise is to consolidate and develop the China-Russia all-round strategic coordination partnership, to deepen the pragmatic and friendly cooperation between the Chinese and Russian militaries.

The Chinese spokesperson added that the exercise will enhance the organization and command capabilities and the levels of the two militaries in jointly conducting the joint traffic defense activities and joint landing activities, so as to further enhance their capabilities of jointly coping with maritime security threats.