Pentagon releases first ever department-wide Law of War Manual

United States Department of Defense (Pentagon) releases it first ever law of war manual compiling legal principles governing warfare. “Although all of the services have previously published respected works on the law of war, which have served as valuable resources for their personnel, DoD has never before published a department-wide law of war manual,” the Pentagon said.

US Defense Department said the manual is the product of a multi-year effort by military and civilian lawyers from across the Defense Department to develop a department-wide resource for military commanders, legal practitioners, and other military and civilian personnel on the international law principles governing armed conflict.

“DoD’s new manual provides a comprehensive and up-to-date treatment of the law of war for the practical use of operational lawyers and others at headquarters and in the field,” said DoD General Counsel Stephen W. Preston.

“It reflects the U.S. military’s longstanding commitment to the rule of law and represents an important milestone in our ongoing implementation of the law of war,” Preston explained.