Russia cries of US pressure to contain China, Russia

During the Shangri-La Dialogue, an inter-governmental security forum held annually in Singapore, Russia expressed concern over United States policy in Asia-Pacific allegedly focused on ‘systemic containment of Russia and China’. “We are witnessing undisguised US pressure on the Asia-Pacific countries, demanding from them to freeze any interaction with us including naval cooperation,” Russian Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov said.

He said that the goal of US is to prevent Russian Navy and Air Force to use other countries’ airfield and sea ports. He cited “the attempt to stop Vietnam from servicing the Russian long-range aircraft in national airports” as the recent example.

Antonov added that “there is an obvious desire of US to bring their Aegis [Ballistic Missile Defense System] carrying warships closer to the Russian coast and place hypersonic weapons on board Virginia submarine under the concept of Prompt Global Strike.”

Amid the alleged US pressure, Russia is scheduled to conduct naval drills with China in Sea of Japan and India this year and Brunei next year, Russia’s defense official said.