What US is doing to maintain technological superiority in light of China’s investments

Unites States House Committee on Armed Services conducted a hearing on April 15 to discuss “the risk of losing military technological superiority and its implications for U.S. Policy, Strategy and Posture in the Asia Pacific.”

Chairman of the said committee Congressman William McClellan Thornberry notes “we’ve had Undersecretary [of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics] Kendall, for example, testify about our eroding technological superiority, specially in light of some of the key investments that China is making.”

Present during the hearing are Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Christine E. Wormuth and US Pacific Command Admiral Samuel J. Locklear III.

“I think going very much to the issue of the technology concerns this Committee is interested in, we’re also bringing our best capabilities to the Asia-Pacific region. We’re making significant investments to sustain our American technological edge into the future in the air, land, sea and undersea domains,” Undersecretary Wormuth told US lawmakers.

She added US government is “investing in precision munitions that will increase our ability to strike adversaries from greater standoff distances.”

“All of these efforts demonstrate the seriousness of our department’s commitment to protecting U.S. Military primacy in the Asia-Pacific theater,” Undersecretary Christine Wormuth said.

US Pacific Command chief Admiral Locklear said to address China’s current behavior, “the force will need to stay forward. We need to have the types of Intelligence and Search, ISR assets that allow us to maintain our knowledge of what’s going on.”

US is currently updating its alliances in Asia-Pacific.