United States, Vietnam navies start Naval Engagement Activity

As United States and Vietnam celebrate the 20th year of their diplomatic relations, U.S. and Vietnam People’s navies kicked-off April 6 sixth annual Naval Engagement Activity. The five-day bilateral naval collaboration focuses on non-combatant events and skills exchanges in military medicine, search and rescue, and maritime security, Logistics Group Western Pacific (Task Force 73) of US Navy Seventh Fleet reports.

“By bringing our navies and our people closer together each year, these activities advance our relationship in ways that benefit our nations directly, and by extension, promote a peaceful, prosperous and stable region,” said commander of U.S. 7th Fleet’s Task Force 73 Rear Admiral Charlie Williams.

“NEA evolved from annual port visits to Da Nang by U.S. Navy ships, which began more than a decade ago,” TF 73 writes. “Each year, NEA becomes more complex, and last year marked the first time ships from both navies conducted exchanges at sea.”

“There are many highlights of this week’s engagement. One of the most significant activities will be the opportunity to conduct CUES exchanges underway, which will help both navies prevent miscommunication at sea and foster mutual understanding,” US Navy Destroyer Squadron 7 deputy commander Captain H.B. Le said.