This Chinese teen was executed for rape-murder case in 1996: After 18 years he was acquitted

“We deeply reproach ourselves for letting wrongful convictions happen. Courts of all levels should learn a serious lesson from these cases,” China’s Chief Justice Zhou Qiang said as quoted by China Daily. In 2014, Chinese courts reviewed 1,317 cases and corrected a number of wrongful court decisions.

One of the most regrettable decision was the conviction of the 18-year-old teen named Huugjilt. He was sentenced to death by a court in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China for a rape-murder case in 1996, however, after 18 years, December 2014, he was acquitted of the crime.

The higher court of Inner Mongolia is now investigating on who will be held accountable for the erroneous decision.

The crime happened April 9, 1996. Hugjilitu found a dead woman in a public toilet. He was convicted of the crime and was sentenced to death on May 23. Just 18 days later, June 10, he was executed. However, in 2005 a man confessed for committing the said crime.