China’s military modernization impressive but lacking to win wars

China’s military transformation was reviewed and was found incomplete. The research was done by RAND Corporation sponsored by the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission, a US Congress commission to review US-China relations.

China’s PLA has been into an impressive progress, however, it was “found that the PLA suffers from potentially serious weaknesses. These shortcomings could limit its ability to successfully conduct the information-centric, integrated joint operations Chinese military strategists see as required to fight and win future wars.”

Weaknesses have two main categories which are institutional and combat capabilities. Combat capabilities “shortcomings include logistical weaknesses, insufficient strategic airlift capabilities, limited numbers of special-mission aircraft, and deficiencies in fleet air defense and antisubmarine warfare.”

The report added that “its remaining weaknesses increase the risk of failure to successfully perform some of the missions Chinese Communist Party leaders may task it to execute, such as in various Taiwan contingencies, maritime claim missions, sea line of communication protection, and some military operations other than war scenarios.”

People’s Republic of China started investing significantly greater resources to its military in 1990’s after US participated in Taiwan Strait Crisis, Operation Desert Storm in Iraq, Kosovo in 1999 when US accidentally bombed the Chinese Embassy in Belgradeand.