Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force ops in South China Sea makes sense

Japan Defense Minister Gen Nakatani said Japan is may consider involvement in the disputed South China Sea Kyodo News reports last February 3. He said that Japan currently does not conduct patrols in South China Sea, however, it may be considered in the future because the situation in South China Sea has an impact on Japan’s national security.

The statement from Japan’s defense chief came after US Navy 7th Fleet Commander Vice-Admiral Robert Thomas said “allies, partners, and friends in the region will look to the Japanese more and more as a stabilizing function.”

“In the South China Sea, frankly, the Chinese fishing fleet, the Chinese coastguard, and the [navy] overmatch their neighbours,” Thomas adds as quoted by Reuters. “I think that JMSDF (Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force) operations in the South China Sea make sense in the future.”