US Intel officer: China has timeline for its ‘Dream’, prepared to use military action

“The strategic trend lines indicate the Communist Party of China is not only ‘rejuvenating’ itself for internal stability purposes, but has been and continues to prepare to use military force,” retiring intelligence chief of the US Navy Pacific Fleet Navy Captain James E. Fanell said in his retirement speech in Pearl Harbor last January.

He said that China prefers to rule out the use of military for gaining dominance in Asia “but let’s not deceive ourselves. The evidence I’ve been chewing on over the past 15 years is overwhelming. Beijing has prepared for military action and President Xi Jinping’s ‘China Dream’ has a defined timeline to reach this ‘rejuvenated’ end state.”

US re-balance to Asia-Pacific is a good step “but it must be backed up with a real, tangible deterrent force and we must stand up to Beijing’s propaganda and bullying campaign, especially those that come at the expense of our allies and partners,” the outgoing intelligence chief said as quoted by Washington Free Beacon.

He then urged his fellow intel officers “to tell the truth – we should not have to wait for an actual shooting war to start before we acknowledge there is a problem and before we start taking serious action.”

“China’s rise, if left unchecked or undeterred, will necessarily disrupt the peace and stability of our friends, partners, and allies,” Navy Captain Fanell noted.