China: Overall situation of the South China Sea is stable

“We hope that countries out of the region can respect efforts made by countries in the region to uphold peace and stability of the South China Sea and keep the serenity of the South China Sea,” Chinese Foreign Affairs said in a regular press conference commenting to on recent joint statement released by United States President Barack Obama and India Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

It added that China is not against to peaceful resolution of disputes in South China Sea and insists there is no tension in the sea. “The overall situation of the South China Sea is stable. The freedom of navigation and overflight there has never seen any problem and will never see any in the future.”

“It is hoped that the development of US-India relations will help promote mutual trust and cooperation among countries in the region, and safeguard peace, stability and prosperity of the region as well,” China said.

Obama and Modi said in the joint statement, “We affirm the importance of safeguarding maritime security and ensuring freedom of navigation and over flight throughout the region, especially in the South China Sea.”