World’s largest oil rig begins production in Russia

World’s largest oil rig begins commercial oil production in Arkutun-Dagi field approximately 25 kilometers from the north-eastern shore of the Sakhalin Island in the Sea of Okhotsk on Russian Pacific coast. The Berkut platform weighs approximately 200 thousand tons with 45 wells.

It is expected to produce 4.5 million tons of oil a year. Operation of the said platform will increase tax revenues of the state and region where it operates with USD9 billion in the next ten years.

“The Berkut platform was designed especially for working in harsh subarctic conditions and can oppose waves up to 18 meters high, the ice floe pressure up to 2 meters thick and temperature up to -44° C,” Rosneft said in a release dated January 19, 2015.

The said oil rig is operated by Sakhalin-1 Consortium formed by United States’ ExxonMobil (30 percent), Japan’s Sodeco (30 percent), Russia’s Rosneft (20 percent) and India’s ONGC Videsh (20 percent).

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