China brushes off hacking allegation, wants to help secure cyberspace

In a press conference held Monday, Chinese government brushed off allegation that Chinese hackers stole 50 terabytes of United States classified military documents and information. “The relevant accusation is baseless,” Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hong Lei said.

“Cyber attacks are hard to trace back and are usually committed across borders. This complexity means that it is extremely difficult to identify the source of the attacks,” Mr. Hone Lei said. “We hope that instead of pointing fingers at other countries for no reason and cooking up stories, they should demonstrate a cooperative attitude and work with us to guard against cyber attacks.”

The Chinese official added that as a victim of cyber attacks, China is willing to work towards cyber security. “Cyber security is a common challenge faced by all. China is willing to work with all countries to establish a cyber space that is peaceful, secure, open and cooperative,” he said.

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