Lebanon, Israel bring war in Miss Universe: Starts with simple selfie

In a beauty pageant designed to promote world peace, Miss Universe, a conflict started. Miss Israel Doron Matalon posted a photo she took with Miss Japan, Miss Slovenia and Miss Lebanon on her social networking account captioned “Good morning from us” – a post that Miss Lebanon Saly Greige did not like.

Miss Lebanon then went to her social networking account to explain her side to Lebanese citizens. “Since the first day of my arrival to participate to Miss Universe, I was very cautious to avoid being in any photo or communication with Miss Israel,” she explained. “I was having a photo with Miss Japan, Miss Slovenia and myself; suddenly Miss Israel jumped in, took a selfie, and put it on her social media.”

“I hope to have your full support in the Miss Universe contest,” the Lebanese contestant told her supporters from Lebanon and around the world.

Miss Israel then responded, “It doesn’t surprise me, but it still makes me sad. Too bad you can not put the hostility out of the game, only for three weeks of an experience of a lifetime that we can meet girls from around the world and also from the neighboring country.”

Israeli and Lebanese governments are currently not in good diplomatic terms.