Russia, India advance fifth generation fighter aircraft plan

Russia and India have created the concept design of the import version the fifth generation fighter reports Russian government-run information agency. “At the moment, with our Indian colleagues, we have completed the creation of an export version of the PAK-FA, known in India as FGFA (fifth generation fighter aircraft),”an officer from Russian International Cooperation of the United Aircraft Corporation said.

“There are already documentation and understanding of the scope of the next phase of design and scale of future production,” he adds.

The Russian official said due to conditions of modern warfare it is extremely difficult to simultaneously maneuver and fire on the enemy, the Indian side suggests that the Indian version of the fifth generation fighter will still be for the two pilots.

Currently their are few countries which are in advance phase of developing fifth generation fighter aircraft. The US with F-35, China with its Chengdu J-20, Japan with ATD-X Shinshin and Russia with Sukhoi PAK-FA.

While only US, with its F-22 Raptor, has fifth gen fighter in service.