Kim Jong Un: Open to highest level summit with South Korea

“We should boost dialogue, negotiations, exchanges and contacts between North and South Korea so that we could reconnect the severed bonds and lineage and bring a vast change and revolution,” North Korea’s Kim Jong Un said in his televised New Year message as quoted by South Korean news outlets.

“Let’s open up the grand path for an independent unification by having all people join forces this year when the country is celebrating its 70th anniversary of liberation,” Kim Jong Un said.

“Depending on the mood and circumstances to be created, we have no reason not to hold the highest-level talks.”

As response from the South, Unification Minister Ryoo Kihl-jae said “our government is expecting a dialogue between South and North Korean authorities at the nearest possible time irrespective of the form.”

“A practical and open-minded discussion on every issue is necessary including the highest level summit meeting North Korea has proposed,” the minister added.