President Aquino: PHL mourns with Pakistan

“Today, we join the world in condemning the outrage perpetrated on innocent schoolchildren, and school officials and personnel in Peshawar, Pakistan,” President Benigno S. Aquino III said in a statement released on the official gazette of the republic.

“The senseless deaths of so many young lives, and the barbarism of this attack is an affront to all civilized peoples. Such an act of terror and savagery deserves nothing less than our condemnation. There can be no justification for this tragedy, which has dishonored Islam.

“In this moment of grief and sadness for the people of Pakistan, the Filipino people are one with them in mourning,” President Aquino says in the statement.

According to reports, December 16, seven Taliban attacked a school in Pakistan killing at least 132 children and nine school personnel. All seven Taliban were also killed.