Japan fully arming military, shifting to offensive

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Monday told reporters that he will work for the amendment of Japan’s pacifist constitution. “Revising the constitution has always been an objective since the Liberal Democratic party was launched.”

Abe’s Liberal Democratic Party with its coalition partner Komeito party won 326 out of 475 available House of Representative seats. A great majority that will ease legislation.

“I will work hard to deepen people’s understanding and receive wider support from the public,” Abe added.

Commentaries suggest that Japan is now heading to fully arm its military and shift to offensive from defensive position of Japan Self-Defense Forces.

Meanwhile, China reacts to the possible watering down of Japan’s pacifist constitution. “Any change in Japan’s policy in the military and security fields indicates where the country is heading for and bears on the security environment of the region, and thus is closely followed by Japan’s Asian neighbors and the international community.”