US government study: China’s claim not consistent with international law

United States of America government through US State Department’s Bureau of Oceans and International Environment and Scientific Affairs releases a study entitled, China: Maritime Claims in the South China Sea. The study wants to assess China’s maritime claims in contrast to international law.

The study says, “China has not clarified through legislation, proclamation, or other official statements the legal basis or nature of its claim associated with the dashed-line map.”

“The various maps published by China also lack the precision, clarity and consistency that could convey the nature and scope of a maritime claim,” it added.

In the conclusion of the 24-page study, US Government believes, “China has not clarified its maritime claims associated with the dashed-line maps in a manner consistent with international law.”

Tackling China’s claim base on history – “The South China Sea is a large semi-enclosed sea in which numerous coastal States have entitlements to EEZ and continental shelf, consistent with the LOS Convention; the law of the sea does not permit those entitlements to be overridden by an other State’s maritime claims that are based on history.”