US selling four warships to Taiwan, China wants to block

Senate of the United States of America passes a bill that will permit selling of four Perry-class frigates to Taiwan. The said bill will now go to the White House for President Barack Obama signature to be enacted as a law. It is expected that Obama will approved the bill into law by January 2015.

If signed into law, guided missile frigates USS Gary, USS Carr, USS Taylor and USS Elrod will be transferred through sale to Taiwan Navy.

The said bill was approved last December 4.

China, on the otherhand, wants to block the sale. “We urge the US Congress to stop pushing forward relevant bill, and the US executive branch to take effective measures to prevent it from being legislated so as to avoid damages to the China-US relations.”

“It constitutes an interference in China’s domestic affairs. China is firmly opposed to that and has lodged solemn representations with the US side,” Chinese Foreign Affairs Ministry added.