Five suspected militants killed in US drone strike in Pakistan

A United State drone killed suspected militants in northwest Pakistan Wednesday, a government official stated.

According to the government report, the strike had started Wednesday at Garga, north of Shawal in North Waziristan Agency and hit a house in Datta Khel, near the Afghan border killing Pakistani militants.

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism announced that twenty strikes had taken place this year. Furthermore, United States said that militants participated in strike have killed innocent people. However, the government did not give details about individual strikes.

United States tried to stop the drone strikes in Pakistan for at least six months and also Islamabad attempted to negotiate peace with the Taliban. However, the negotiation failed and the strike was resumed before Pakistan launched an anti- Taliban offensive in the border area of North Waziristan last June 15. Further, twenty fighters were said to be killed from an aerial bombing Tuesday.

On the contrary, around one thousand one hundred forty seven civilians were killed in US strike in Yemen targeting to kill forty one people. The forty one targets were included to have died on multiple times.

Moreover, twenty four men were killed in Pakistan, according to report. The UK based human rights organization Reprieve revealed that the number of civilians being killed in US drone strikes is excessively high.