UN experts encourage President Obama to release CIA interrogation report

United Nations human right experts encouraged US President Barack Obama to support the possible release of the completed report on Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) interrogation procedure.

The experts reported that decision of President Obama’s on the Senate interrogation would be closely watched by victims of torture and their supporters, according inn an open letter being issued today. “As a nation that has publicly affirmed its belief that respect for truth advances respect for the rule of law, and as a nation that frequently calls for transparency and accountability in other countries, the United States must rise to meet the standards it has set both for itself and for others, ” the open letter stated.

Moreover, the investigation of the Senate lasted for four years to ensure morally right documents and it was approved by the Senate committee in 2012. The report was then made to public in April 2014.However, the open letter demanded that the document should be edited in case of confused names and patterns of behavior that are crucial elements of the system of violations and needs to be understood and improve. The experts declared in the open letter that they believe that other states are watching the actions of Obama on the current issue.

“Victims of torture and human rights defenders around the world will be emboldened if you take strong stand in support of transparency. On the contrary, if you yield to the CIA’s demands for continued secrecy on this issue, those resisting accountability will surely misuse this decision to bolster their own agenda in their countries,“ the experts added.

The group of independent experts commended Obama for closing the interrogation programme of the CIA and accepting that the United States had tortured detainees after the attacks happened on the eleventh of September.

“We hope that as President of a nation that helped draft the Convention Against Torture- and as a Nobel Peace Prize laureate- you will recognize the historic nature of your decision and side with those in the United States and around the world who are struggling to reveal the truth and to bring an end to the use of torture, ” the experts verbalized.