Bryan Brown heads campaign against holding children in detention centers

Australian actor Bryan Brown headed a campaign to remove children from immigration detention centers, aired Wednesday.

There are seven hundred sixty six children being shut from Australia’s immigration detention centers and one hundred sixty nine of these are being detained on Christmas Island, 193 in Nauru. And a group of prominent Australians is giving ear to end the practice of holding asylum seekers in detention. “We’re better than this,” a song that was launched via internet was designed to captivate Australia to the apprehension of asylum seekers.

“These children are self-harming. They’re in there for four hundred days on average, and we’ve got to treat them better than this,” Bryan Brown declared.

“We’re better than this,” states Rachel Ward, Claudia Carvan, Deborah Mailman, Tom Keneally, Margaret Pomeranz, George Gragan and Ian Chapell.

According to Brown, he delivered emails to prominent people in Australia to join the campaign ‘We’re Better than This’, and they responded ‘Yes’. Furthermore, Brown expressed how depressed he feel how his country treat these children.

“Australia is no longer blind to institutional child abuse. We shine light deep into the dark corners of even the most venerated and powerful institutions. And yet, Australia locks up innocent, traumatized children without frail; indefinitely, and under a tightly woven cloak of secrecy,“ the organization appealed. Gillian Triggs, President of Australia’s Human Rights Commission disclosed that the inhumanity, the cruelty of holding these children into detention is very apparent.

In addition, Buttrose proclaimed that the detention of children is a way of destroying their childhood.

“I believe every child deserves a safe place to play,” Ian Chappell states in the video.