China’s Xi Jinping: China on high alert for factors against peace

“A review of history shows that countries that attempted to pursue development with force invariably failed,” President Xi Jinping said before the Australian Parliament just after the G20 summit. “This is what history teaches us. China is dedicated to upholding peace. Peace is precious and needs to be protected.”

According to Xi, China will not resort to use of force in asserting maritime claims.

“It is China’s longstanding position to address peacefully its disputes with countries concerned and territorial sovereignty and maritime interest through dialogue and consultation,” XI added.

However, Xi said that its military must be on surveillance and proper defense posture. “We must always be on high alert against the factors that may deprive us of peace.”

While China’s president talks of diplomacy, intelligence report in the Philippines says otherwise. Filipino fishermen are being deprive to work on waters they can previously access. Chinese warships and surveillance vessels are deployed inside Philippine waters. China is also non-stop working to build and reclaim inside disputed maritime territories.