US, Japan, Australia deepens partnership with eye on China

While on G20 summit over the weekend in Brisbane, Australia – leaders of US, Japan and Australia, in a meeting, agreed to further strengthen the already strong alliance with a focus on China’s rise.

In a joint release, the three leaders assured support in a peaceful settlement of disputes in waters based on international laws. They also agreed to boost maritime security capacity building in the region.

“The leaders expressed their commitment to deepening the trilateral partnership among Australia, Japan and the United States to ensure a peaceful, stable, and prosperous future for the Asia-Pacific region,” says in the joint statement.

US, Japan and Australia also agreed to continue working on issues like the rise of Islamic State militant group, Russia’s participation in Ukraine and the Ebola epidemic in West Africa.

US President Obama, Australia’s Abbott and Japan’s Abe believe that “deepening of the trilateral relationship would be good for the stability of the region,” a Japanese spokesperson said.

“By virtue of its size and its remarkable growth, China will inevitably play a critical role in the future of this region,” Obama told audience at University of Queensland on Saturday. “And the question is, what kind of role will it play?”