Japan tells China to take measures in stopping coral poachers inside Japanese waters

Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida tells Chinese nationals operating inside or near Japan’s territorial waters who are allegedly poaching corals to stay out of Japanese maritime territory.

In the past weeks six Chinese nationals were arrested by Japanese operatives for allegedly hunting precious red corals.

Red corals are given high value in China. The corals are used for jewelry and can cost approximately fifteen thousand US dollar per kilogram in China.

Kishida revealed that no less than 200 Chinese vessels were spotted inside or within Japanese waters. Minister Kishida also called the attention of Chinese government for appropriate measures.

“We are aware that the Chinese side recognizes the seriousness of this issue. We would like to ask China to take effective measures,” the Minister added.

China through its foreign ministry earlier asked Chinese nationals to carry out lawful operations at sea. “Competent authorities of the Chinese side will keep enhancing supervision and law enforcement. We prohibit the illegal harvesting of red coral.”

It added that China “always attaches importance to the protection of endangered marine living resources.”

“We also hope that the Japanese side will deal with relevant issues in a civil, sensible, law-abiding, just and proper way.”