China won’t win in an actual war amid military trainings

“If the problems are not rectified, the PLA’s ability to fight and win will be hindered for sure,” Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) general staff headquarters said in a report.

The PLA report listed 40 problems within its army, navy and air force. “The list will help the army focus on its weaknesses and force them to learn how to fight.” The PLA Daily reported on its Sunday issue.

Problems listed includes personal issues of military troops, methods used in drills and exercises performed with foreign armed forces.

“These problems reflect shortcomings and weak-points in the makeup of our military fighting force. If they are not promptly dealt with, then they will certainly affect and hinder our army’s ability to go to war,” states in the paper.

People’s Republic of China President Xi Jinping has been urging its military to be ready to successfully win a real war since he assumed office in 2012. Xi Jinping is asking to enhance communication within military commands.

One senior military official asked PLA officers and troops to diligently implement instructions from Central Military Commission.