South Korean coast guard clashed with Chinese fishermen, vessel’s captain shot dead

Morning of Friday, October 10, a Chinese fisherman was shot dead by operatives of South Korean (Republic of Korea) Coast Guard. Initial report says that Chinese fishermen of Lurongyu 50987 fishing vessel resisted arrest and tried to fight back using knives and beer bottles after coast guard operatives boarded their vessel.

The incident happened in Yellow Sea inside South Korea’s Exclusive Economic Zone. Boat captain Song Houmu, 45 years old, was shot in the stomach. Though he was airlifted to the hospital he still died.

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hong Lei said China is “deeply shocked by and strongly dissatisfied with such violent law enforcement behavior. We urge the ROK side to earnestly and thoroughly investigate the incident at once, bring whoever is accountable to justice, and inform the Chinese side timely of the results of its investigation.”

“We will continue to follow the incident closely, and urge the ROK side to handle the aftermath in a serious, earnest and proper way,” Hong Lei iterated.