US-Japan working to ensure ironclad defense of Japan

The United States and Japan are currently on the process of revising US-Japan Guidelines for Defense Cooperation. The revision aims to “establish an expanded and more flexible framework for Alliance cooperation to ensure the peace and security of Japan under any circumstances, from peacetime to contingencies, and to promote a stable, peaceful, and prosperous Asia-Pacific and beyond,” as noted by US Department of State.

The revised Guidelines will be finalized before this year ends to ensure the ironclad defense of Japan. It will also “enable both countries to work with key partners outside of the region on important issues of shared interest such as humanitarian assistance and capacity building.”

US-Japan defense cooperation puts high importance on several security issues and availability of mutual support in a timely and effective manner.

With its pivot to Asia-Pacific, US has been updating its defense agreement with its key defense partners in Asia. Earlier this year Philippines and US have signed Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA). However, the said enhanced agreement’s constitutionality is being questioned in Philippines’ Supreme Court.

China voiced its concern over the updating of US-Japan guidelines for defense cooperation. “It should not step outside bilateral scope nor undermine the interests of a third party, including China. We will follow closely the development of the amendment of the Guidelines for US-Japan Defense Cooperation,” China’s Foreign Ministry said.