South, North Korean patrol boats engaged in fire exchange

South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff confirmed today that patrol boats from North and South Korea engaged in fire exchange near the disputed Yellow Sea Korean-border. “To force the vessel to retreat, our side issued warning messages and fired a warning shot,” SoKor JCS said.

Instead of submitting to the SoKor’s order to retreat, the North Korean vessel opened fire forcing SoKor patrol vessel to fire back. Defense Ministry of South Korea said there was no damage.

“We are now watching North Korean troop movements and tightening vigilance against any additional provocations,” SoKor’s Ministry of Defense said.

After the Korean War in 1953, United Nations Command designated the border as Northern Limit Line. Since UN’s designation, NoKor did not recognized the border.

Several incidents in the said border were recorded. North Korea from time to time tries to cross the Northern Limit Line.