North Korea sends not so friendly message to China

Kim Jong-Un, President of North Korea, sends a message to President Xi Jinping to congratulate People’s Republic of China for its 65th founding anniversary without the traditional notes of friendship.

“Our people hope that the Chinese people will achieve bigger successes in the efforts for the development and prosperity of the country, and we wish the People’s Republic of China prosperity and your people happiness,” NoKor’s President said in a three-paragraph greetings.

Experts believe China-North Korea friendship started to deteriorate since North Korea tried to test nuclear during early 2013. China is against North’s nuclear program.

Last month, Xi Jinping also sent a message for North Korea’s founding anniversary. Xi did not include “tradition, future relationship, friendship, and cooperation” in his message.

July this year, North Korea’s Defense Commission called China “spineless” who tries to follow US and embrace South Korea.