China fears no external threat

People’s Liberation Army of China undeniably reached the state of military super power. Its army, navy and air force in recent joint military exercise held on South China Sea showed PLA is willing to protect China’s national sovereignty.

According to some Chinese military experts, China with its PLA fears no external threat. Chen Bing noted, a TV commentator from Shenzhen Television, China’s strong military will safeguard its national sovereignty and maritime interest and its military strength fears no external threat.

Various new war hardware were also introduced by China in the past weeks. A new Chines-made armed unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) was deployed during an exercise and successfully shot down a mocked enemy. The new WZ-10 armed helicopter also showcased its capability in the recent military exercises.

United States also conducted an exclusive nine-day joint air, land and sea interoperability training between its Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Army. The training included the sinking of decommissioned former USS Fresno (LST 1182) carried out by US Air Force and Navy. Valiant Shield 2014 concluded last September 23.

Air-Sea Battle concept was incorporated in the training. It aims to ensure freedom of action in the global commons and is intended to assure allies and deter potential adversaries. The concept involves tactics of blinding enemy’s communication systems and destroying land and sea-based weapon platforms.

Experts from US believe that Air-Sea Battle concept is a strategy in case a war with China erupts.