Chinese operating system to compete with Windows, iOS, Android

Chinese government-owned news agency, Xinhua reported a homegrown operating system will soon compete with Microsoft’s Windows, Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. The government-owned news agency cited US’ surveillance concerns and Microsoft’s monopoly as main factor for the development of own operating system.

The operating system will be seen first on desktop and laptop computers this coming October. Smartphones and other mobile devices like tablet will soon be supported.

“China has more than a dozen mobile OS developers with no independent intellectual property rights because their research is based on Android,” Ni Guangnan of Chinese Academy of Engineering said.

“Our key to success lies in an environment that can help us compete with Google, Apple and Microsoft,” he added.

Guangnan Ni has a strong influence on Chinese government policy and support for the IT industry. Guangnan Ni is a cofounder and former executive of Lenovo. Now, he is the president of Information Processing Society of China, an OS development alliance.

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