Islamic State plans bringing revenge, Jihad to China

Emir of the Islamic State Abu Bakr al-Baghdad, in a rare occasion of appearing in public, invited Muslims around the world to participate in a holy war against the West.

Prior to his public appearance, Abu Bakr al-Baghdad released a recording entitled “A message to the mujahedeen and the Islamic Nation in the month of Ramadan.”

In the 20-minute recording, he detailed Islamic State’s (IS) plan to avenge Muslims all over the world for the persecution they have experienced from different nations. In his list are nations with China listed as number one.

He repeated China and Xinjiang several times in the said recording. Also in his list where Muslims suffer are India, Palestine, Somalia, Arabian Peninsula, Caucasus, the Levant, Egypt, Iraq, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Philippines, Ahwaz, Iran, Pakistan, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria and Morocco.

The IS leader said soldiers of the state must take up their arms for the Islamic nation awaits their jihad with hope.

“By God, we will take revenge. Even if it takes a while, we will take revenge and we will retaliate doubly and more,” Al-Baghdadi said. “The day will come when Muslims will be walking everywhere as noble masters. Those who dare to stand up against them will be disciplined and all hands that reach out to them will be cut off.”

US Department of State, in a report said China is one of the nation with worst religious freedom. “China prosecuted family members of self-immolators, imprisoned and tortured Falun Gong practitioners, continued its harassment of members of house churches and unregistered Catholic bishops and priests, and sought the forcible return of ethnic [Muslim] Uighurs who were seeking asylum overseas.”

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