Filipino blooded US Navy is the new commander of carrier USS Abraham Lincoln

Captain Ronald Ravelo is the new commander of the USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72). Ravelo is the first Filipino-American to command a US Navy carrier.

USS Abraham Lincoln is currently undergoing a four-year mid-life Refueling and Complex Overhaul and is expected to be deployed coming 2017. The carrier is part of United States Atlantic Fleet.

Captain Ravelo took the position from his brother-in-law Captain Karl Thomas. Thomas was assigned to lead a same class carrier, the USS Carl Vinson.

“With the two principals related by marriage, this is a first for me and probably our Navy, which makes today’s ceremony even more special and allowed the families to plan a twofer, a change of command and a summer family reunion,” Rear Adm. Troy Shoemaker said during the change-of-command ceremony.

“I can imagine that the logistics for this ceremony were a bit like planning a wedding reception, except that the proverbial bride and groom are your husband and brother, which begs the question: Who’s the groom and which side of the aisle do you sit on?”

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