Old couple chopped, microwaved by son in HK

A court in Hong Kong heard the case of an elderly couple who were salted and microwaved by their son. The microwaved body parts were packed inside a lunchbox like barbeque with rice and were arranged in two refrigerator.

There heads were found on freezer and other ‘lunchboxes’ on garbage can. It is believed that after running out of space in the refrigerator the perpetrators decided to use the garbage can to hide the ‘barbecue with rice’.

Henry Chau and his friend Tse Chun–kei are being tried for the unusual killing of 62-year-old female Siu Yuet-yee and 65-year-old male Chau Wing-ki.

“My murdering partner and I were planning to make it a missing person case and dump the body piece by piece,” Chau posted on an online forum.

According to prosecutor months before the crime, Chau and his accomplice bought knives, refrigerators, microwave ovens and a rice cooker.

Last March 2013, it was reported that the old couple are missing. Henry Chau tried to mislead the police investigation by declaring his parents traveled to mainland China.

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