Obama gives a go signal to carry out airstrikes in Iraq

“Today America is coming to help,” US President Obama said. The US President authorized US military to conduct targeted airstrikes on Iraq to protect American personnel and prevent a possible act of genocide.

“We do whatever is necessary to protect our people,” Obama noted. “We support our allies when they’re in danger.”

If Islamist militants move towards the city of Irbil, the largest city in Iraq’s Kurdish region, US military will carry out airstrike mission. Airstrike was also allowed to help Iraqi forces to protect civilians trapped on the mountain.

“When we face a situation like we do on that mountain with innocent people facing the prospect of violence on a horrific scale, when we have a mandate to help, in this case a request from the Iraqi government, and when we have the unique capabilities to help avert a massacre, then I believe the United States of America cannot turn a blind eye,” Obama explained.

Although airstrike was allowed, Obama said “As commander in chief, I will not allow the United States to be drawn into fighting another war in Iraq.”

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