China strongly dissatisfied with every internal affairs interference, tells US to stop

“We are concerned about reports that China has indicted prominent economics professor Ilham Tohti,” US State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf told reporters.

US is “particularly concerned about the lack of transparency concerning his welfare and access to legal representation.”

Uighur scholar Ilham Tohti, an economics professor who is a critic of the Chinese government’s policies toward the Muslim Uighur community in the western province of Xinjiang, was indicted with charges of separatism. He has been detained since January.

“The procuratorate has failed to follow the proper procedure of informing the defence lawyer of their decision to formally charge Ilham Tohti with separatism. I am very shocked by the procuratorate’s lack of respect for the right to a defence,” said Tohti’s lawyer.

China Foreign Ministry defended the government saying everything are in accordance with their law. “The US side has on many occasions made irresponsible remarks at China’s law enforcement and judicial practices under the disguise of their so-called “human rights” and “freedoms”, which constitutes wanton interference in China’s sovereignty.”

“China is firmly opposed to and strongly dissatisfied with that. We demand the US side to immediately correct its mistakes and stop saying or doing anything that interferes in China’s internal affairs.”

Also recently, China was included by US in their list of nations with worst religious freedom.

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